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Financial Management for small and medium entities (SME’s) is becoming more and more important during periods of growth. Increasing turnover, larger projects and more complex corporate structures shift the role of finance departments from pure administration to a pro-active management component of the company.

The fields of responsibility of financial departments evolve from accounting to integrated administration and management support. A professional controlling landscape with accurate internal and external reporting needs to be set-up, cash- and working capital management and a tax-wise optimised company structure are even more important. To build up internal resources for these new challenges mostly is a very time-consuming and expensive exercise.

Our service

As external partner and based on many years of experience in small and large, multinational companies, we offer our clients professional hands-on management of all kinds of financial exercises, such as


  • Temporary management of special projects (merger & acquisition, company reorganisation, opening of new offices / companies in other countries or liquidation of companies)
  • Set-up of a professional controlling landscape & KPI’s
  • Set-up of a modern cash management & working capital management
  • Development of internal & external reporting systems
  • Improvement of funding structure of the company or group (from the proportion of debt and equity to new funding systems on the capital market all the way to IPO’s)
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